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Home & Commercial use Water Filters - Water Sanitizers and Water Purifiers

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We specialize in all types of water treatment applications, including city and well water filtration systems. Let us design a custom built water treatment and water filtration system based on your waters quality at extremely affordable prices. Call Toll FREE 1-877-475-7652 to speak to our water treatment specialist. Please scroll down the page to view our complete line of hundreds of water filtering and water treatment products.

"Each day millions of Americans turn on their tap, (use and drink) water that exceeds legal limits for dangerous contaminants." A recent article from U.S.A. Today

Do You know what is in your tap water?


Chlorine, used by municipalities to disinfect water supplies, can react with naturally occurring organic materials (NOM) in water. For example, decayed leaves in your water reacting to chlorine or chloramine in the water which can create trihalomethanes, a suspected cancer causing chemical. These kind of disinfection byproducts in your water can also cause other health effects including liver, kidney or central nervous system problems.

Dr, Joseph M. Price, MD in his book "Coronaries/Cholesterol /Chlorine", wrote that the cause of arteriosclerosis, resulting heart attack, and strokes is none other than the chlorine in our drinking water.

Home and commercial use water filter units and water filter systemsA recent study by the U.S. Council on Environmental Quality has established a definite link in the chlorination of water and cancer. One of the studies showed that the cancer risk among people drinking chlorinated water is 93% higher than among those who live where the water is not chlorinated.

water contaminationIt seems that almost daily there is a news story, magazine article or television special on the subject of the poor quality and potential hazards of drinking water. Almost every newspaper in the country has carried stories of pesticide contamination of water supplies or trichloroethanes, another suspected cancer causing chemical, being found in water supplies.

There are an estimated 200,000 industrial waste sites, over 20,000 municipal landfills and 100,000+ ruptured underground gasoline storage tanks in the United States that leech contaminants into our drinking water.

Why Buy From Us?


At Todays Healthy Home we have specialized in all types of water filtration and water treatment systems for over 15 years, including home and commercial use systems, city and well water,  reverse osmosis, agricultural, coliform, bacteria and microorganism elimination and many other specialized water treatment systems. These water systems  also include the filtering and elimination of fluoride, arsenic, sodium, ph and nitrates, just to name a few other water treatment issues.

We custom design every water treatment system we sell based on your water to obtain the best possible results  with top of the line filters, tanks, valves, media, that keep your system trouble free at very affordable prices. Unlike big box stores we start with your test results or in the case of city water the EPA report posted on your water company's website. We carefully examine the report to identify various levels of metals, hardness and other things that can effect taste, odor, color, and anything that you as a customer may be concerned with.

In the case of well, rain or any other natural water source not treated for bacteria we custom design each system from the source to protect you from coliform, E coli, Giardia, staphylococcus bacteria and other microorganisms with the addition of one of our over 210 chemical-free ultraviolet water disinfection systems.

We also offer point of use systems that can fit under your sink or counter top units. So if you are in need of a water system call Toll FREE 1-877-475-7652 to speak directly with our full time water treatment specialist. You will find that one of our custom designed water treatment systems is often less costly than you might think.

Please SCROLL DOWN the page to view our complete line of water disinfection and treatment systems.

Thankfully, the public is becoming better informed about the situation and thus is concerned about drinking unfiltered and/or untreated municipal tap water. As a result, Americans in growing numbers are turning to bottled water. However, bottled water is expensive, inconvenient and has no guarantee of purity.

Our water filter systems are perfect alternatives to bottled water and other expensive water filter systems. Our systems are created to provide superb quality drinking water conveniently, effectively and reliably and at a very low cost per gallon.United States Environmental Protection Agency

For your information - The Environmental Protection Agency supplies basic information on the condition of your local water supply. Check out the EPA's directory of local Water Reports.

Our Home & Commercial Use Water Filter Products include the following:

Well Water Filter & UV Water Treatment Systems
Custom Whole House Water Systems
Whole House Cartridge Style Water Filters
Whole House Water Filters w/ UV Water Purifiers
Whole House Cartridge Style Arsenic Water Filters
Whole House Cartridge Style Fluoride Water Filters
Whole House Cartridge Style Nitrate Water Filters
Whole House IRON Removal Water Filters
Ultraviolet Water Purifiers - 210+ Units
Bio-Logic UV and Filter System
Reverse Osmosis Filters
Under Counter Water Filters
Counter Top Water Filters
Refrigerator / Ice Machine / Water Cooler Water Filters
Water Honcho Solar Powered Desalination and Water Filter
Portable Water Filters
Shower Filters
Vitashower Shower Filter
Bath Water Filters
Purtest Water Test Kits
UV Germicidal Info


Clean Water...Where do you find it?... Right HERE!

waterWater that tastes fresh and IS clean and safe for yourself and your family.

You can find it right here with our ceramic water filters and Ultraviolet water purifiers. The best in clean and healthy living.

There have been over a half-million new chemicals developed since 1965 alone

water contaminationwater contaminationMost of these organic pollutants are modern hydrocarbon chemicals such as plastic and pesticides. Some are not biodegradable. Most are soluble in water, and thousands are known to be toxic.

In 1991, the U.S. Congressional Research Service revealed that 10% of the 1.4 million underground gasoline storage tanks in the U.S. are currently leaking. There are also an estimated 16,000 municipal landfills and 181,000 industrial waste sites in the United States that leech contaminants into our water supplies. Agricultural pesticides and highway de-icing chemicals are just a few of the many other contaminants.

Contamination in the distribution system - Water can become contaminated during it's journey from treatment plant to home. Lead, asbestos and cement pipes used in municipal water distribution systems can allow harmful substances to leech into drinking water.

Contamination at home - Water can become contaminated right at home. Some homes have plumbing systems which use lead based solder to join copper pipes. Both can allow lead to leech into your drinking water.


Custom Whole House Water Filtration, Treatment, Softening and Purification Systems


Complete Customized Home Water Filtering Systems from $999.00 to $2,69500

Whole House Water Filtration Systems including Ultra Violet light purification and water softening. Click here for more information - Complete Filtration systems from $649 to $1899 - Ready to installThese systems are custom built based on your homes water quality - Our custom designed whole house water filtering systems are delivered to you fully loaded with all filter media, all controls and valves are preset for your custom designed water filtering system.

Click HERE to View our Custom Designed Whole House Water Filtration Systems.

Choose from: Whole House Water Filtration only - Whole House Water Filter and Softener - Whole House Water Filter, Softener and Ultraviolet light Water Purifier for water cleanliness and purity to be comparable to BOTTLED Water. Our Platinum Whole House Water Treatment package includes a heavy duty, high output UV water sanitizer for the ultimate in purified, sanitized, clean and healthy water.

Choose from: The two tank system or the compact cabinet model with: Timer Initiated Regeneration or Electronic Metered Regeneration.

A water treatment system that knows how much treated water you have used and exactly when to clean itself. It contains catalytic and activated carbon medias that reduce harmful THM's, MTBE, chlorine and other chemical contaminants. "IRON OUT" potassium fed filter addition available for any of our custom designed whole house water filter systems.

Todays Healthy Home is proud to offer the protection of our custom built whole house water filtering systems. Click HERE to view our Custom Designed Whole House Water Filtering Systems. Call us Toll Free 1-877-475-7652 with any questions you may have.

Add one of our Water Softener systems and your laundry is brighter, softer, fresher - food and beverages are better tasting - skin and hair are softer, smooth, manageable - soap and cleaners are more effective - mineral deposits and scaling are eliminated from plumbing, appliances and surfaces.


Additional Whole House Water Filter Systems - Cartridge Water Filters with UV Water Purifiers on Select Models

Home Use, Well Water Filters and Water Sanitizing Systems


Replaceable Cartridge Styled Water Filter Systems with added UV Water Sanitizers for clean and healthy home water

Whole House Water Filters and UV Water PurifiersLaundry is brighter, softer, fresher - Food and Beverages are better tasting - Skin and Hair are soft, smooth, manageable - Soap and cleaners are more effective - Mineral deposits and scaling are eliminated from plumbing, appliances and surfaces.

Crystal Quest Cartridge Whole House Water Filter systemTodays Healthy Home is proud to offer the protection of a number of whole house cartridge style water filtration systems & whole house cartridge style filter systems with integrated UV water disinfection added.

View our whole house cartridge water filtration systems which includes our triple cartridge systems (shown at left) and the Big Bubba full size cartridge systems shown at right.

View our whole house cartridge filters with UV water disinfection built in. These include the Hydro-Safe 3-in-1 Flow Max Filter and other custom designed whole house water treatment systems.

Also, NO maintenance contracts, NO commitments to purchase replacement cartridges and filters from us ever. You can purchase your replacement filters or water filter supplies from most any water filter retailer.

We also offer a full range of replacement filters and parts for our systems and most others water filtering systems.

These exceptional Whole House Water Filtration and UV Water Sanitizing systems are available from Todays Healthy Home. Call us Toll Free 1-877-475-7652 with any questions you may have.


Counter Top, Under Sink & Refrigerator Water Filtering Systems

Create "Pure Water" for less than a PENNY per gallon instantly

Attractive  - Easy to install  - Easy to use - Effective - Convenient

Over 60 unique Water Filter Systems

25 Counter Top Models - 12 Under Sink Models - 16 Under Sink RO Filters - 6 Refrigerator / Ice Machine & Water Cooler Filters -
 40 Showerhead Models - Portable Traveling Filters

Cost Comparisons and Quality Considerations of Filtered Water vs. Bottled Water

10,000 gallons of bottled water quality (10,000 x .80 cents per gallon). It is a savings of thousands of dollars over bottled water without traveling to a store, carrying them, and dumping thousands of empty water bottles into a landfill.

Now you can start your day with fresh, clean water from your tap, filtered by Crystal Quest, Doulton and other top manufacturers water filter and water disinfection systems.


We offer 2 styles of the most efficient and highest quality water filtration systems available today. "Throw-away" units that will filter either 10,000, 20,000 or 30,000 gallons of water before the entire unit needs to be replaced. The cost of the entire unit is very affordable even though it is a disposable unit. We recommend this unit for those people who do not want to worry about changing filters, or are concerned that they could not properly change the filter system.

We also offer Under Counter / Under Sink and Above Counter water filter systems with replaceable cartridges. The changeable filter system are just as easy to install and use. The main unit is always in place and the filter must be changed according to usage. These systems are very easy to maintain and again the unit and it's filters are extremely affordable and easy to maintain.

Saratoga Water.jpg (16920 bytes)Imagine, no more hassles with bottled water! The cleanest and healthiest drinking water possible without having to go to the store or have bottled water brought to your home.

It is like drinking water from a mountain stream right in your kitchen. No chlorine taste! No unpleasant odors! Just clean refreshing water for your healthy drinking pleasure, coffee, tea and cooking.

Our countertop water filtration systems are very simple to hook up and use. Nearly all install in minutes without tools on all standard faucets

Countertop Water Filters - EASY TO USE

From unfiltered water to filtered with ease - just turn the diverter switch.

All of our Crystal Quest Water Filters include SIX stage filtration, many units feature SEVEN and EIGHT stages of water filtration.

water filterFIRST, water passes through two  one - micron filtration pad, small enough to remove all visible particles as well as GIARDIA, CRYPTOSPORIDIUM  and other microbiological CYSTS.

SECOND, Our systems contain a patented media, KDF (U.S. Patent 4,642,192), which has been tested to drastically reduce or effectively remove: Chlorine, Lead, Arsenic, Barium, Cadmium, Chromium, Selenium, Mercury, Iron and other metals that may be present in the water.  KDF is listed under NSF standard 61 (health effects) for water treatment plant applications. Click here to learn more about KDF

THIRD, The Coconut Shell Granular Activated Carbon is used to improve the taste and odor and to remove: Chlorine, THMs, PCBs and hundreds of other organic contaminants that may be present in the water. The Coconut Shell GAC listed under NSF standard 42. Click here to learn more about GAC

FOURTH, water flows through another two one - micron filtration pad for further reduction of undesirable particles. The end result is total elimination or great reduction of a wide variety of contaminants.

Go directly to our Above Counter Water Filters Page

Doulton Ceramic Water Filters are proud of their Certifications;

  • NSF certified for standards 42 & 53 (chlorine, parasite, lead, turbidity, bad taste and odor reduction)
  • Manufactured in accordance with the highest international manufacturing standards. ISO99002 and BS5750
  • Doulton’s 0.9 micron absolute filtration efficiency exceeds the EPA  requirement for Cryptosporidium (parasite) reduction

Doulton Water Filters - Cost per Gallon based on initial purchase price.

The Doulton Ceramic Water Filters come in 4, easy to install models. (all accessories are included)

  1. HCP- countertop (durable plastic housing) no plumbing required. Connects to the faucet with an easily attachable diverter valve.
  2. HIP- undercounter (durable plastic housing) plumbing required, connects to the cold water line under sink. All accessories included. (Shut off valve excluded) A sediment pre-filter is recommended.
  3. HCS- countertop (stainless steel housing) no plumbing required. Connects to the faucet
  4. HIS- undercounter (stainless steel housing) plumbing required. Connects to the cold water line under sink. Accessories included.

Doulton also offers the "Complete Protection" package with a combination of Ceramic Water Filtration with the purifying and sanitizing power of Ultraviolet sanitation. For the complete clean and healthy drinking water package.

We can also create any combination package that you might need with any of our many models of UV Water Purifiers and our extensive inventory of Ceramic Water filters.

Go directly to our Doulton Water Filters Page


The Bio-Logic Combo Water Filter with UV Sanitizer

Bio-Logic pure water pack - Water Filter and Water UV water purifier and UV water sanitizer.Healthier and Great Tasting Water for only $489

The Bio-Logic Pure Water Pack combines a stainless steel ultraviolet water purification unit with a dual cartridge filter system featuring a 5 micron sediment filter and carbon filter for clean, healthy and great tasting drinking water. Available for 110/120V, 220V and 12V DC options.

This all-inclusive system installs under the sink to provide 1.5 gallons per minute of great tasting drinking water. Note: The Bio-Logic Pure Water Pack includes the ultraviolet unit, 5 micron sediment filter, 5 micron carbon filter, pre-drilled stainless steel mounting bracket and installation kit. Economical and safe...

Economical and safe, the Bio-Logic Ultraviolet Water Purifier offers rapid water treatment without the  use of heat or dangerous chemicals. The Bio-Logic Ultraviolet Water Purifier utilizes a germicidal ultraviolet lamp that produces short wave radiation lethal to bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms present in water.

Tubing, saddle valve and long reach faucet also included (shown above at left)

Click here to view more and order the Bio-Logic Pure Water Pack



Our Home & Commercial Use Water Filter Products include the following:

Well Water Filter & UV Water Treatment Systems ] Custom Whole House Water Systems ] Whole House Cartridge Style Water Filters ] Whole House Water Filters w/ UV Water Purifiers ] Whole House Cartridge Style Arsenic Water Filters ] Whole House Cartridge Style Fluoride Water Filters ] Whole House Cartridge Style Nitrate Water Filters ] Whole House IRON Removal Water Filters ] Ultraviolet Water Purifiers - 210+ Units ] Bio-Logic UV and Filter System ] Reverse Osmosis Filters ] Under Counter Water Filters ] Counter Top Water Filters ] Refrigerator / Ice Machine / Water Cooler Water Filters ] Water Honcho Solar Powered Desalination and Water Filter ] Portable Water Filters ] Shower Filters ] Vitashower Shower Filter ] Bath Water Filters ] Purtest Water Test Kits ] UV Germicidal Info ]


Steam Vapor Cleaning Systems, Water Filters and Ultraviolet light UV Water Purifiers

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